LUX POUCH | Compact Travel Cosmetics Pouch

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The Lux Pouch is the only makeup bag you need to store your cosmetics, brushes, and skincare safely. No more rummaging through your luggage to find your makeup, simply lay it flat and you can easily see everything you've packed. Then, scrunch it all up and you're ready to travel!

No more struggling with keeping your makeup and cosmetics free from dirt and bacteria when you travel! The LUX POUCH is made with waterproof quality fabric that will safely store all your products, and have it all laid out flat for you to easily get ready to start your morning routine or wrap up with a relaxing night.

With 10 different colors and gorgeous patterns to choose from, the LUX POUCH makes for a great unique gift. We've got you covered with a 10-20% off discount when you pick up 2 or more LUX POUCHES!

Product Dimensions: approximately 50cm x 50cm when expanded

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Cecelia M.

    I like everything about this product it’s amazing I wonder why it took so long to get one👍🏽🎉 Not traveling right now but I can see this being so handy on a trip. Holds a lot!

    Tasha P.

    I really like this bag. It is quite versatile with what you can put into it. The fabric is a nice feeling and is easy to clean if you spill any makeup or whatever you're carrying. I like the fact that it is already compact and can expand to a really good size bag. the two pockets inside are great for earrings or for little things. The price was affordable and will come in handy.

    Abby S.

    This is so good for traveling but it’s also good for when I need to clean or move my makeup. It’s all in one place that is easy to pack up and move. I love it.

    Christie C.

    This has been a morning changer for me. First of all, the bag itself is adorable. It's quite big and holds everything I need. I can bring it to whichever bathroom I am using in s hared household. Opening it up means I am not rummaging through a makeup bag and maybe missing what I'm looking for: everything is spread out in front of me. There is a small pocket on the outside with velcro and then a zipper pocket inside, so I can store things in there to keep them separate, or if they are small and I don't want them to fall out. I cannot recommend this bag enough. I love my cosmetic bag. It does indeed allow you to spread out your makeup for good visibility. I wish the drawstring was a little shorter. Of course, you can always cut some of it off if you need to. I tied a knot in the cord so when opening it, I can pull open quickly until it reaches the knot (that might sound complicated, but when you see it you'll understand). I plan to purchase a few more as gifts for my friends and have them monogrammed. Love 'em!

    Shannon Z.

    Good quality it's cute too, meant to be delivered in a few days time but already here so very pleased, so cheap aswell, would definitely recommend these they're so handy. Wow! Love these.
    Now all my makeup is all in one place & tidy. They hold alot.

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